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Biospy report

Does anyone know what lymphoid aggregates mean ,I'm glad that the biospy showed no malignancy especially with the type of polyp that was found but I don't understand what lymphoid aggregates mean and why was it with the polyp tissue.
I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks and not that patient to wait for the explanation from my speacialist.
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Biospy report says
Sections show of the colonic biospy show a sessile serrated Adenoma In which no evidence of  dysplasia or malignancy is seen, also Present are seperate fragments of Colonic Mucosa showing the presence Of a lymphoid aggregate . Multiple Levels have been performed .


Biospy transverse colon
Sessile serrated Adenoma
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This is from another website:

... "The results of this study suggest that lymphoid follicles and aggregates in colonic biopsies are evidence of gut mucosa damage and may help to predict the resolution and/or duration of diarrhea. Lymphoid follicles and aggregates have been postulated as a normal component in colonic biopsies."
Check with your doctor of course, but I translate what you got plus the explanation above as meaning: "The mucus that is naturally along your colon wall mixes with stuff that has come down from your gut, which might indicate you have had diarrhea or are going to, but it seems pretty normal to see this in a biopsy of the colon."

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