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Colon polys and some nodular lesions

I had a sigmoid colon polyp (2-3 mm) that was removed and it turned out adenomatous type. Dr. also found some nodular lesions in the last part of my small intestine (terminal ileum) and they turned out to be benign. I do not have any family history of colon cancer and am 48 yrs of age.

What would be my best option? Please advise. Thank you so much.
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Hello and sorry for the late reply.

If there is a single adenomatous polyp, a follow up colonoscopy is advised to look for other polyps. If no polyps are detected a repeat colonoscopy is recommended every 3 years, depending on your symptoms. If benign lesions in the small intestines are not causing any symptoms like obstruction, diarrhea or pain, they may not need any therapy now. But a follow up may be mandatory to see for any changes. Take Care.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thanks for the email and I am late for the reply. My main problem is  that I have had some light burning/ while driving some itching type pain which not very sharp on my right side just below the rib cage. Somewhere on the cecum area. In addition I feel crawling and/itching all over my intestine. Especially in mornings. To be diagnosed properly, I have had CT scan, ultrasound twice, abdominal MRI and I gave several blood, urine and spool specimens. MDs found nothing major except a single polyp (~3mm) via colonoscopy, several lesions in the T ileum area. I do not have any diarrhea or constipation. My bilirubin and uric acid were close to the upper levels. As I use antibiotic these sensation type crawling, itching go down  and I feel normal. I used 3 months of antibiotic and gave up for weak  then it came back. MDs said it was most likely IBS but I am not sure. I do believe that the causing area is on or around the T ileum. Since there has been a mild pain in that T ileum area. Seveal MDs told me that I would not worry too much about it. I appreciate any suggestions and advice. Thank you all in advance.
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