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Worried about strange symptoms

My grandmother died of colon camcer, I am not even 30 yet, so I don't know if I am just worried because of family history and need to stop or what.  I have had bleeding off and on for about 6 years, I have been told that it is just from hem. and fischers.  I have recently noticed bleeding again and have been having constipation (I only go about every 3 days and that is with a s.s.) I also have a sharp rectal pain that I feel often, gets worse with gas or bm I feel it all throughout and now when I have a bm I get a pain in my mid right side that matches the pain in the rectum during the bm.  I also have a more dull persistant pain in the mid right side.  I feel like I am crazy and yhat if I try to explain this to a Dr, he will think so as well.  Anyone who has experiance, let me know.
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With your background I think you ought to insist on a colonoscopy which is the most comprehensive test to uncover gastrointestinal complaints - including bleeding.  Don't allow your doctor to say "well - it's probably a continuation of haemorrhoids..." or whatever...

One of my Wife's uncles died some years ago from colon cancer - although the symptoms were evident he delayed seeking medical advice and, when he eventually did so, the doctors said "If only you had come to see us sooner".  Don't let this happen to you.

Age 30 is certainly young for colon cancer but I recall a posting on Medhelp whereby a doctor said that the youngest age at which he/she had observed colon cancer signs was 16.

Your doctor has a duty to listen and take your complaint seriously with a strict "duty of care".  If he/she tries to dismiss your concerns then find another doctor.  If he/she attempts to ridicule your fears of colon cancer then say "well I think I have a right to be concerned when this disease can occur as early as age ~20 and also I have a family history so please do me a favour and provide the reassurance that I feel I deserve via a colonoscopy".

Good luck
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You do need to have a colonoscopy done. rectal bleeding I dont have but the severe constipation can cause irritation and .. which may be causing some bleeding. the pain yes it is terrible. I have been taking more laxative to keep the stools softer, flax seed ground and water helps some. I also belive i have a salt absorbtion problem my hands and legs/feet feel tight to me with fluid and sometimes my bp is slightly elevated so i have to take a bp pill and this makes the fluids shift from the intestines and causes constipation also.  
Hard stools can cause other problems later on such bowel obstructions & cancer I have read. Hopefully your is not but recently I met a lady my age who had colitis and she has an ostomy. I dont know if she had bleeding but you might check. MSN.com go under health issues and read. diverticulitis also I think causes bleeding. If my husband has a Hard stool which is very rare for him he has found blood and their seems to be nothing else of it so far.

                                 Goodluck, Abby
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