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Chronic Chest Pain From Lupus,.

I was diagnosed with a PE march 29th of 2012 I am taking warfarin 7.5 mg faithfully! and I maintain my therapeutic range.
I also have Lupus! I am having constant chest pain! and I find myself constantly going to the ER for it! my pulmonary and lupus doctor have me on pain meds! but they do not seem strong enough! the pain comes back within a few hours usually.
I currently have hydrocodone 10/650 and 10/325 along with prednisone 10 and 20 mg tabs for inflammation n etc... When I go to the ER I'm given Dilaudid for my pain along with a steroid shot  and after that I don't have any pain for HOURS!! I am truly getting tired of taking all these different kinds of meds but I do understand that I have no other option so I deal with it! Is there any kind of way I can be given the meds I am given in the ER that help me long-term in dealing with the pain!! I go see a pain management doc soon but in the meantime I really would like to be pain free and not have to pop a pill every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain! I was also diagnoesed with Sleep apnea so I am being fitted for a cpap mask in a few days..has thee cpap mask helped anyone sleep better and calm down chest pains!? My doc told me it may take away some of the pain I endure within the lining of the lungs! But I understand with Lupus at least 50% of ppl with this will indeed endure lung issues as well as other things! I also have to be on blood thinners for life due to the fact that Lupus can actually cause your blood to clot! so I am absolutely fine with taking the thinners forever.. I am truly looking for a way my pain can be managed and I wont have to take so many different kind of pain pills so very often! any information will be highly appreciated on my behalf! and in advance I apologize for my rambling it is just nice to come across a site where so many people are able to relate to one another! I wish everyone the best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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