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Tongue lump underside by frenulum 2months ago

Ok.  I have a lump on the underside of tongue, kind of like a fliud- filled sac, which is slowly increasing in size.  About 1cm long at the moment, cylindrical.
Dentist said he's never seen anything like it.
Does anyone have ideas about what it is that I could suggest to him?
A blocked saliva gland would be nice to know, but are they on the underside of tongue?
I don't know to be honest, hoping it's not cancer or something.  20 year old non-smoker.
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I'm no dentist or doctor but my son had a saliva pocket on the underside of his tongue which had to be surgical removed. So yes they can appear under the tongue.
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My husband...also non smoker, doesn't touch tabacco....was 36 yrs old, healthy and developed a little "sore" on his tongue.
The doctor just dismissed it and a month later it was now size of grape.
Finally was sent to ENT...who said was sure it was nothing, but should biopsy it just in case...well it was dreaded tongue cancer!
Because it was let go too long it spread, so now he needed barbaric and draconian surgery, removed half his tongue floor of his mouth and wanted to remove his jaw. was just horrible.
Now doctors are learning that this mouth/tongue cancer is at epidemic rate because of the HPV virus that was only a womans disease that attacked the cirvex and gave cancer. But now its known to cause Tongue Cancers as this virus also attacks the mucas membranes of the tongue and mouth.
Its not Gods punishment for having oral sex as some would like to suggest...I mean come on...you just touch an infected persons privates, then touch your own mouth
and you've spread it. No sex involve what so ever.
Get to an ENT immediatly and don't take NO for an answer.
It MUST be biopsies and taken out immediatly.
Yes...it could be just as simple as a swollen duct or gland and won't need further treatment. But...if it is cancer and you let it go...you WILL die and this type cancer in the mouth'/tongue area is more than painful.
Are you THAT brave? I'm sure not...please go have it checked out ASAP!
and may God bless and heal you...I pray I'm all 100% wrong...but if I'm right
and this is tongue cancer....I pray the Lord will guide you.
Let me know if you need further guidence...we live in Oregon and the doctors up on Pill Hill are first class...best in nation!
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I hope I haven't scared you silly...just scared you enough to seek medical advice!
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