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Panic attack and blood pressure - OCD?

I am a 28 years Caucasian male with no known medical condition except from panic attack, I have an attack every other day. Some of my attacks are so strong I cannot grab object because of shaking, sweating, ice-cold hands, fear of dying, lightheartedness, chest tightness...
One day I had the (bad?) idea to check my blood pressure during an attack, and it was frighteningly high (165/115). Since then I "must" take my blood pressure every day and many times during each panic attack. My normal, everyday pressure is between 120/80 and 125/85 but during an attack it usually reach 140/90 or 150/100. One day I took a Xanax (benzo) and within 20min my pressure was back to normal, even lower (115/75).
Now... I have literally THOUSANDS of readings and I cannot stop. Probably this is even _causing_ my panic attack now... Am I being irresponsible because I do not take any blood pressure medication? Should I just ignore this condition? Is there even a condition: maybe it is healthy for my body to react this way?
What would you recommend?
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It is for your physician to decide what are OK BP readings.  As to the panic I think you are probably right that you are working yourself into a state and your BP is reacting to that panic.

It is sort of like telling yourself 'ghost stories' and scaring the heck out of yourself.

I suggest you see a mental health provider familiar with this area.

As well you might experiment with using your mind to lower your BP, you will probably find you are as adept at this as raising it.  Do some simple relaxation exercise or form a pleasant image and see how quickly you can lower your BP.  One good one is breath in to your lower abdomen for four counts, hold for four, then exhale for four.  Do this 10 times.

Each time you are inclined to take a reading, do it, do the exercise, then take another reading.

Let me know how it goes.

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