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Can Immune dysfunction after covid lead to immunodifiency?

There are several research showing immune disregulation and dysfunction after covid doesn't resolve but worsens with time.


Are there more recent research? Does immunity continues to dysfunction or it can recover?

It is not much known about covid long time consequences.

How those changes in research can affect health? Are people at higher risk to cancer or other deseases?
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I'm no expert, but frankly, I listen to a ton of interviews with the experts and they just don't know yet about a whole lot of things about covid.  It's so rampant that everyone is so consumed with just trying to stop it there's not a lot of time left for most experts to do basic research that is peer reviewed.  What I have heard over and over is that covid can cause a lot of inflammation and clotting all over the body and therefore theoretically it can cause a lot of long-term problems.  Or not.  We have many who have lingering effects from it, even mental illness where none existed before, but since it hasn't been around that long, there's no true way to know for certain what's going to happen years down the road.  Research doesn't equal truth.  It's an attempt to get to truth.  I don't think you're going to get any answers until some time has  passed and we see what the long-term effects turn out to be.  
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