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Post Covid Constipation?

For the past month after a bout with Covid/Flu, my bowel movements consist of passing stools that come out in pieces. For years intermittently I might experience this on occasion, but this would go away in a matter of days on its own, or with some additional fiber into the diet. I noticed that immediately after Covid subsided I was constipated and didn't go for a few days -- then I started getting regular again, except this persistent breakage. At times it feels like it breaks as it passes (looks rather normal other than coming out in pieces); other times it just comes out in pieces with the pebble look. Haven't gone the laxative route yet but have tried some apple pectin with mixed results so far; one night I drank smooth move tea but that didn't do anything.

Any thoughts on having these types of symptoms post covid?

Figure this sounds like a bout of persistent constipation but the duration (a month now) is longer than I have experienced before. Any thoughts or similar experiences?
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Because Covid is so new, there is no complete list of what kinds of body systems it affects. You might check descriptions of people's symptoms who have long Covid.  Here's a link: https://www.nhsinform.scot/long-term-effects-of-covid-19-long-covid/about-long-covid/signs-and-symptoms-of-long-covid   People who have written in to MedHelp about long-Covid problems don't usually mention their digestive system, though. It's usually more about exhaustion and brain fog.

If you're over 45, a change in your poops can also be a signal to talk to your doctor and do one of those fecal-occult tests to make sure you don't have colorectal cancer. The test is not a big deal, you do it at home and mail it in. Here's a link from the CDC's website: https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/colorectal/basic_info/screening/index.htm
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Also, the classic reason for pellet poop is dehydration. It's been unusually hot in a lot of places. If that is true where you are, how has your fluid intake been?
Thank you! It has got warmer and did need to increase water intake. Smooth Move actually worked but will increase fiber and hydrate and monitor. Only thing I could really equate it to was Covid because it was a change I noticed immediately as I recouped, but will monitor and see. Thanks again.
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