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Symptoms of Covid usually follow a specific order

Oh, I know . . . always exceptions and everyone is different.  But this came across my news feed as what a study showed is the usual order of covid 19 symptoms.

1. Fever
2. then cough develops
3. then muscle aches/joint pain
4. Then nausea and vomiting.
5. diarrhea is next.  (different from Sars which usually sees diarrhea before nausea).

"This order is especially important to know when we have overlapping cycles of illnesses like the flu that coincide with infections of COVID-19," said scientist Peter Kuhn, who worked alongside scientist James Hicks and doctoral candidate Joseph Larsen. "Doctors can determine what steps to take to care for the patient, and they may prevent the patient's condition from worsening."

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This study was done in China in the very early part of the virus.  I wonder if it's still true?  I've heard so much about loss of taste and sense of smell.  And just to show what the world is like and why so many have gotten sick and died in the US, I found the study but the interesting part were the comments on a particular website that it was on -- I believe the original study was published by graduate students at USC in something called Frontiers but it's everywhere if you google it and the comments, again, are mostly about how the virus is a hoax or just seasonal flu etc.  I only looked to see if the CDC agreed, but they don't appear to have this old study on their website.  Again, my curiosity was just whether it was still true.  Probably is, but those comments were really depressing.
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