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Risks from Remicade/Azathyprine for Crohns

I had UC as a 10 year old, total collecting, j pouch. Then I had several obstructions in my 20s. Now I have a pouch/vaginal fistula and a Crohns dx for the last 3 years-I am 33. I am on Azathypeine and remicade to keep crohns at bay and the fistula from getting worse. I also have HSV-1. I am wondering if my immunosuppression from my crohns medication: 1.) makes me more contagious to others, because maybe my body isn't as good now at fighting the virus? If so, would daily antivirals negate this additional risk? 2.) makes my antibodies (I've had them for 10 years) less effective and therefore makes autoinnoculation possible- that I could spread my own virus to other parts of my body or that I would be less protected against getting hsv 1 in a new place or hsv 2 3.) am I at higher risk of contracting stds in general? I do practice safe sex. I just want to make sure I'm adequately protecting myself and others in case there are extra steps or things I need to do due to my immunosuppression to treat my crohns. Thank you.
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