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Crohn's without symptoms? Can bowel prep for colonoscopy cause inflammation?

Could I have Crohn's disease without the hallmark symptoms? Can bowel prep for colonoscopy cause mild inflammation and redness? I had a colonoscopy last week and the report says "localized inflammation, mild in severity and characterized by congestion (edema) and erythema in the terminal illeum." I have occasional loose stools, but not true diarrhea and not frequent. My bowels are normal, and I don't have cramping, pain, or any other symptoms I've read Crohn's could have. I have always had a strong stomach and don't get tummy aches often at all. The doctor took a biopsy, but they don't have an appointment to go over results for over a month. When I came out of the procedure, pretty drugged up, the nurse and doctor mentioned possible Crohn's from what they saw, and that they took a biopsy for that. I vaguely remember the doctor saying the inflammation could be from the bowel prep for the procedure, but I was so out of it. I am having some anxiety about this, and have to wait so long for results. When I look online about inflammation in small intestines, Crohn's immediately comes up. Is it possible to have some mild swelling in the small intestine from the bowel prep? Does this sound like Crohn's? Thank you for any input!
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