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HELPPPPP need to know whos the father.!!

My due date is July 12th 2013.....

they say im about 14 weeks pregnant, I had unprotected sex on the 11th with one guy and another on the 13th who could the father be.?
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Hi sorry to be not much help but as they are so close together you will most defo have to partake in a paternity test with both men :( sorry I cannot help you any firther here but its just far too close together as you may know sperm can live within the vagina for up to 5 days after ejaculation so it could well be any one of the two , good luck though & I do hope you get this issue resolved asap & please please do not leave it until your baby is older it will only cause heart ache for all involved love & best wishes for the future Helen xxx
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Hi.  Who is the "they" in "they say," and why do they say it (i.e., was it a ring on a string, a crystal ball, or an ultrasound? and if it was an ultrasound, when was it done and exactly how far along did they say you were?), and what month are you talking about when you mention the 11th and the 13th?

Generally speaking, you wouldn't be able to tell which guy, if they are two days apart.  If both sexual activities were unprotected, the first guy's sperm will still be in your reproductive tract when the second guy and you had sex.  On the other hand, maybe (and I stress the word maybe) the specific numbers would help if all evidence points to estimated ovulation being either much earlier or much later than the 11-13 spread of days.

So, if you have an ultrasound, dig it up and see what the exact date was, and what the "14 week" notation says -- 14 w 0 days?  13 w 5 days?  et al.  If you don't have one, please tell the first day of your last period, how regular your cycles are, and how long they are (i.e., 28 days? 29 days?) if they are regular.  Send back that info and we'll see if it is possible to figure out if either guy has the edge or if it is still anyone's guess.

(((HUGS)))  Annie
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