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Need some advice on how to figure out which man is the father :(

Hi Im in desperate need of some help..PLEASE. Ok I took a home pregnancy test June19 and it was positive. My period has just gotten kinda somewhat regular bc Ive been going through surgeries due to a car accident Jan31,2013. I usually start on the 5th of every month but this month a couple days before I was supposed to I had ALL the symptoms of it to start and never did. So I slept with 3 men and have the dates of when I slept with them. Guy1 was on April25, Guy2 was May17 and May23, Guy3 was May25 and atleast 2 more times after that; I know im horrible but Guy1 I was very intoxicated and he said the condom broke and he was a one night stand so im praying its not him. I dont exactly remember the date of my last period I do recall talking to my bestfriend and I was telling her my back and stomach were hurting and she was like your about to start and I think it was a few days later I did but Im wanting to say it lasted for 3-4 days and I think that was the beginning of May. The ONLY signs I have are my boobs are sooo tender and I dont know if this is odd but I started having alot of discharge like when you ovulate. Can someone PLEASE give me some advice. Im 27 and already a single mom and Im still on crutches due to my car accident and Im really freakin out. Ive made Dr appts but Ive got to get a refferal from my Primary Care Doc before I see my OBGYN. Someone told me to go to the ER and tell them im having some abdominal pain and they said the 1st thing they would do is a PT and then they would do and U/S bc Im very anxious to find out how far along I am just incase I haveto do something....PLEASE HELP ME
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Dang. Uhmm you need to just wait and take a DNA test that's the best advice I personally have for you.
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Find out how far along u are first
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We can't tell you. 3 men is really hard to tell. You have to get a dna test. Sorry but we can'thelp you. Good luck.
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Well you need to find how far along in your pregnancy you are first then you can use the "conception date calculators" they give you dates of the sex that got you pregnant. Usually your conception date is the date you ovulated and they arent accurate but if u find the conception date calculator it gives u the date u had sex on to concieve baby and one of the dates mightcome up of 3 . X
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Pregnancy Date=Sonogram
Paternity=DNA test
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I would say guy 2 because you slept with guy1 and then got your period beginning of may. Guy 2 looks like you would be close to ovulating days If you had your period beginning of may.
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Work out your ovulation days from your last period and see if one of the men whom you slept with fell in within the weeks that you had intercourse.
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I think your panicking. Take a deep breath. Go get a hpt and find out if your even pregnant. Then go to planned parenthood and get.a ultrasound to see how far along u are if the hpt is positive. Then use tge contraception calculator to find out which guy it is. Best wishes
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^^ sorry just realized u said u already got a positive (its early :-)) so start with going to planned parenthood for a ultrasound.
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You don't need a referral to see a obygn they told me the same and it was bs you just call a obygn that takes your insurance and you set a appointment with them. But don't panic you'll find out soon. :)
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As ftm says, you need to get an ultrasound.  Especially since you are wondering if you will have to 'do something,' the sooner the better.  Tell them the truth, that you don't know when your first day of your last period was, and that one of the reasons you need an ultrasound is to assess the date when you might have conceived.  They should give you an estimated due date based only on the size and developmental markers of the embryo.  Then you can go home and plug that date into an online conception calculator, or just count back 266 days on a calendar to get to an estimated conception date.  If you really had a period in early May, your best possibility is the event on the 17th, but if  you aren't sure of whether that early-May period date is correct, you can't put too much faith in counting forward from it.  This is why you need an ultrasound, and do whatever you can to get it now, given the consequences you are looking at.  Pay cash, find another doctor, etc.
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   Ive already enetered the dates on the calendar  and GUY1 says im 10weeks; which I really dont think Im that far bc when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I remember I took my PT and it took about a month to see the OB and they said I was 8 weeks and 4 days so when I took it I was like 4-5weeks. GUY2 says Im 6-7 weeks, GUY3 im 5 weeks. Ive had no sickness the ONLY signs I have are my boobs hurt and Im having alot of discharge;odd?? Dont remember having that with my daughter but honestly every pregnancy is different.
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   Honestly Im going to go to the ER tomorrow bc a friend of mine said to tell them im having some pelvic pain and one of the first things they would do is give me a PT and its coming back positive and then she said more than likely they will give me an ultrasound.
   On the other hand Im very worried bc I have HepC and I think if I go in and say look I took a PT its (t) and Im concerned bc Ive got HepC and I also need to see about how far I am bc I dont know the risk of having that disease (and ofcourse my childs going to be born with it) and passing it to my child, but just let them know I cant see an OB for a month and if I haveto make a decison on wheter or not to terminate I want to make sure that it wont be to late. I dont know I feel like such an idiot and I would have never thought I wouldve been in a perdicamit like this I feel so irresponsibale and like I wasnt even thinking of my daughter or the outcome,ya know? I just haveto figure this out tomorrow but just need a little input on what to say @ the ER bc Im deff. going I just dont know which to say bc either one can make them do something different.
  I think Im just going to tell them Im having pelvic pain and Ive made an appt with my OB but cant see them until the 1st and I couldnt wait. Also inform them that Im very scared bc I have HepC and Im late, so I do have a fear that I may be pregnant and if I am pregnant I need to know about how far I am bc if I haveto make a decison on what the best thing to do is I dont want it to be to late.
   Ive never thought about having an abortion but Ive got all these factors playing a role in an unborn childs life and my mind wont stop thinking and I cant sleep, I think Ive gotten 4 or 5 hrs of sleep in the past 2 days bc Im researching online and Im thinking which guy it is and I just feel so discombabulated; I wouldnt wish this on anyone.  
   PLEASE let me know which one of these you think I should to tell the ER I would greatly appreciate it

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   Well I made the appt with the OB who delivered my daughter and they said since its been a year they need the refferal. Also they said if I had another kind of insurance they wouldnt need it. I made an appt with my Primary dr whom Ive never seen and I cant see them until the 1st but my OB appt. is the 25th soooo if you can read my other post about going to the ER bc I am honestly scared bc Ive got somethin else goin on and I need to know but PLEASE tell me what you think of it.
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