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Others who have taken ravgen prenatal paternity test?

Hello! I’m curious to hear from others who have taken Ravgen’s prenatal paternity test.

If you received an exclusion, how many of the SNPs were not matches?

If you received a match from a discreet sample, how many of the SNPs dropped out? Or how many were they able to test with the discreet?

Thanks for your help and support
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Hi, it might take a little time for you to get an answer from someone who has taken a Ravgen test, since once people get their problem solved, they usually stop writing into this community (or reading it either) and just go on with their life. You might try posting specifically to some of the women who have written in about doing a Ravgen test, MedHelp's software will send a notice to them that someone wrote in on their thread, and they might answer (especially if they remember how worried they were in the same position).

There are a whole lotta SNPs in a single person's genome, like 4 or 5 million, and there are over 100 million identified in populations. What numbers are worrying you on your test results?

In your shoes, I would trust a match from Ravgen, especially if accompanied with an exclusion of a different guy at the dad. It sounds, from the fact that you are asking for information about both a match and an exclusion, like you tested both guys? If you didn't, and only did a discreet test and got a match (and didn't test the other guy), could you do a test with the other guy? Usually getting a "yes" from one guy's test and a "no" from the other guy's test makes it clear to the woman that the tests can be trusted.
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I am mostly concerned because since it was discreet and not a swab many of the sites dropped out. Which gave the test only 90% accuracy rather than the 99%. I wanted to hear from other women who might have gone the discreet route.
But thank you for your response. I do appreciate it very much
You're saying you only did a descreet test with one guy, and not a swab with the other guy?
Sorry, discreet, I do know how to spell. lol

Here is what I think you are doing. 90% means not "Almost perfect data and overwhelming proof" in your mind. 90% means "10% to worry about."

But, 90% can't be made out of someone's sample that is 0%. If the guy who was swabbed was not the dad, there is no way in the world he would have gotten a 90% match.

Try not to worry. If the stress is killing you, see a counselor or therapist, and talk over the worries and anxieties behind this. (Hint: when someone can't believe a 90% test result from the best DNA testing lab in the world, her worries are about something else.)

Please take care, and dig below your stated worry (who the dad is) to the bigger, underneath worries. When you begin to address those, you'll be more able to listen to the medical evidence without it being colored by your fears.
I also did a swab where the other person was 99% excluded as the father so that is comforting. But I am the person who worries because weird things happen in my family. My dog had an allergic reaction to a medicine that is 1/1000 and died from it. Other things have happened that has just really tested my faith in health care.

Another thing. This sounds crazy. And I’ve read other people’s posts where they talk about their ultrasounds and Ive thought to myself jeez people you can’t tell what a baby looks like in an ultrasound. And here I am doing the same. My 11 week old ultrasound showed a very strong nose which neither I nor my partner have. The other man does. And immediately my worries came flooding back. All my questions about probabilities and odds. It’s scary and with the loss of both of my parents and relying completely on my partner financially my worries come from how I would survive and what my livelihood and this child’s life would look like if it doesn’t turn out.
Survival fears can panic even the smartest of people. Have you ever heard of how people who get lost in the woods can simply lose it and run the wrong direction, throw away their coat, etc., for no logical reason? It's because the sudden unfamiliarity of the situation makes them afraid they are going to die. (Not that they are correct, they are just frightened.)

What you've got is one guy with a 90 0ut of 100 chance (or better -- it would have been more if there had been more to the sample) versus another guy with a 1 out of 100 chance (or worse -- I'll bet there's a percentage there like 99.9% he's not the dad). And you have a panickey mind that sees a larger nose in an ultrasound and is convinced that both tests are wrong. As my son's OCD therapist once said to him, you don't have to believe everything the brain thinks up.

My son looked so much like my husband in their early baby photos that they could have been each other. But in his early ultrasounds, his features were so thick and odd that it looked like his dad was the Jolly Green Giant. Good thing I hadn't been sleeping with the Jolly Green Giant!

Please stop this obsessive worry, you will survive, all is well, you had two tests, they confirmed each other, believe them.  

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Hello , I have taken the ravgen test. Haven’t logged in a while but I took the test a year ago . I’m grateful that I found ravgen . I was worried that my test would be wrong and my life would be over but ravgen was correct in my case and in all the other women’s cases that I’ve followed . I found about 4 women who were using ravgen during the time I was pregnant and we all had correct results . I did a follow up once my daughter was born with ddc just to make sure . I know it’s such a stressful time and I wish I could make it better . Annie can tell you how much I stressed out while I was pregnant worried if my results were correct . Do not worry and ruin your pregnancy like I did . Ravgen is correct . I literally searched 24/7 for 9 months on the internet trying to find false results and was never able to find Anyone credible .
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I also did a discreet test using a toothbrush and then I got the other man to swab . They were able to give me a 92% on the toothbrush that he was the father and 99% certain the swab was not the father .
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Thank you so so so much for coming back to share your story and offer reassurance. I can’t even describe how helpful it is! Seriously thank you with my whole heart.

Also congrats on your beautiful baby girl!!!

It’s so comforting and keeps me going and feeling somewhat sane to hear these stories. I appreciate it so much. And your story is very similar to mine!!
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You bet . Your ok just breathe . You sent in both samples and there’s no messing that up . You got one excluded and one included but trust me I know the nightmare I went through worrying everyday . I called ravgen so many times and annoyed them but they were always so kind and explained everything . My only regret was worrying . I wish I had enjoyed my pregnancy and believed the test but hormones made that nearly impossible . I called and searched about ravgen 24/7 for 9 months and couldn’t dig up anything negative about them . That says it all
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Yes thank you. This is so reassuring. I’m so glad you did a post birth test to confirm it as well. It’s so helpful for anyone whos still going through the waiting game. I have a very long while to go so I’m trying to enjoy it but it’s so difficult. I pray it all works out and all the excitement both his and my family are experiencing doesn’t get ripped out from under them. So stressful but I really appreciate you.
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