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Broken Canine Tooth


I just want to ask about the condition of my left canine tooth. It was attack by cavity. When its aching before, I usually use my tongue to sip and when I will a sharp pain then the ache disappear.Then I notice that there is a swelling area above the tooth and its hard that I think like a bone. My tooth ache disappear but what is left is these swelling part.
I research on the web and I had read that gargling a warm water with salt is good to clean tooth especially when abscess occur so I follow the tip the site gave. The swelling area subside for a week but still I can feel the hard part just above my canine tooth. Now, it swells again.

My questions are:

Is this a dental abscess?
How long it takes to extract canine tooth because this is the longest tooth we have?
If I don't want to extract this tooth, what other alternatives to vanish this swelling part?
Is gargling warm water with salt really helps?

Please enlighten me. I will appreciate any comments for my post.

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I would say you do have an abscess, you said that the tooth is broken this allows the gases to escape, also to save this tooth you need a root canal, and a crown. It is always better to save a tooth when possible. Root canals are not bad the nerve in the tooth is removed with no pain, then it is sealed you leave with a temporary filling. Please see a Dentist and get meds for the infection, and make a decision to either save the tooth, or extract it. You are right it is the largest tooth in our mouths. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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Any antibiotics that will help prevent swelling of my face?
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as long as the tooth is open it should not swell, but yes you do need an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.
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Is gargling water with salt helps?What kind of antibiotic should I take? I usually press the swelling area.

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