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Dental Health Forum

Questions in the Dental Health forum are answered by Dr. Jerome Tsang. Topics covered include bridges, cavities, crowns, and x-rays.
What's a good over the counter way to help whitten my teeth that won't hurt my enamel that actually works I don't wanna waste my money?
Had anyone experience Root Canal (per tooth) Surgery? My dentist suggested me about this but I don't trust her because I know it's to exp...
Hi I have recently noticed a repulsive smell when I rub my finger along the gum in one area at the back of my mouth. I don't get this...
I had a crown put on a broken tooth 10 days ago. I still have an ulcer and quite a bit of pain on the gum under the crown. The novacaine ...
Hi, I am on clindamycin 300mg for a tooth abscess. The dentist drilled a hole in the tooth for drainage. The swelling seems to be goin...
On the first I had a molar on the bottom right side of my mouth prepped for a permament crown. The dentist said I didn't need a root cana...
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