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How long does a tooth with an old restoration and decay left untreated take to develop a periapical abscess.  Does it take months or years?

Thanks kindly
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Thanks for your response.  I am interested to know what Periapical Radioluency means please and is it contriubted by decay or old restorations?

The other question is how does a dentist determine if a periapical abscess was caused by dental decay or periodontal disease?  What if the tooth had an old restoration but was not decayed?

Thanks kindly.
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Hi there,
Periapical abscess results from a chronic localized infection at the tip or apex of the root of a tooth. It usually originates from a bacterial infection which has accumulated in the soft dead pulp of the tooth. It can be caused by tooth decay, broken teeth or any extensive periodontal disease. There is no definite time it takes for this abscess to form. It depends on the severity of the organisms and their virulence. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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