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Diagnosed with periodontal disease with bone loss by hygienist?

I missed a year on seeing a dentist due to no insurance.
I spent thousands on my teeth with dental implants.
I’m very particular about my teeth, my parents and significant other can vouch.
I don’t ever go a day without brushing my teeth twice. I admit sometimes I do miss flossing.

But yesterday I was told I have some 4,5 pockets and bone loss.
I’m baffled as to how this has happened.
She then told me it’s a possibility I could lose some teeth.

I just turned 31, like what am I supposed to do.
That’s one of my fears are losing teeth.
When I was in a abusive relationship and got my front tooth knocked out it was frightening.

Everything I look up online just frightens me even more. Any one here going through the same?
Any advice?
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