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Horrible headache after wisdom tooth removed

Hi there, (female, 22yrs old)
I had my top right wisdom tooth extracted on Friday, as soon as he started yanking on it to get it out, it was almost instant I had a headache, and since then it has not let up. I wake up with a throbbing headache in the middle of the night, I've taken motrin, and advil and even some 5mg morphines I had left over from a previous injury. And nothing is really doing the trick, i'll get a little bit of relief for about an hour and then it's back full force. It is now monday, and it's still pretty bad. The pain feels like it's in my jaw/ear area. I'm not sure if i should go back to the denist, or if this is just normal. Some people have said they were fine after it, and i'm at the point that I can't even go back to work today because i'm in pain. It's sore to open my mouth wide.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
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You may want to go back to your dentist and get it checked out.  A course of antibiotics and strong pain medication may be needed.  Unfortunately it takes time for it to heal and there's no real way to speed up the healing process.
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I wish I had an answer for you, but I am writing to you to see if you have any news on how to treat this, because my husband is going through the same thing.  The only thing that has worked for him is a first aid kit for dry socket we bought at CVS last night, but he is still in extreme extreme!! pain.  Also can't sleep and not sure who is more frustrated now, me or him!  I hope the First aid kit works for you, we are going back to the dentist this week, but he has been back and forth to the dentist for over 1 week now, and they apply this gell (clover oil) but does not do a thing!!! so that is why we did our own research and found that clover oil helps, but has to be done like 4 times a day.....try that.

if you have any other helpful news please tell us.  He had his tooth removed 3 weeks ago, and we are still going back and forth.  the only promising thing I see is the antibiotics he is on, and this tooth kit we have at home.

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