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How long does it usually take one to recover from a bone graft procedure?

In a couple of days, I'm having a bone graft placed in my upper left jaw to allow for implants.  I lost most of my molars in the upper left due to a particularly large cyst in my sinus cavity that was removed several years ago when I was 12 or 13.  I'm 17 now, so they can finally start putting the implants in.

As far as the procedure goes, I know that they're harvesting bone from my lower jaw, and they aren't doing anything except the actual graft (they aren't putting in any implants at the same time).  Its a hospital outpatient surgery, I don't know if that's relevant or not.

Now to my actual question.  I heard from a nurse who is familiar with these procedures that "maximum swelling usually occurs about 72 hours afterward, then the bruising begins".  This sounds pretty horrific, and I really wasn't aware that I would be out of commission for that long.  This isn't such great timing either, and I really didn't want to miss so much school.  Now I'm starting to hear that full recovery can take 2 weeks.

I know that every patient is different, but what is the average recovery time for people who undergo this procedure?  Specifically, how many days of school should I expect to miss?
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Recovery time for a sinus graft/lift varies from person to person.  I don't imagine you'll miss much time from school in regards to being able to function and sit in class.  You may experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising in the cheek/below the eye area that may make you more self conscious but it shouldn't really affect your everyday routine in regards to school.  You probably have to take some care in keep the area clean, what you eat, etc though.
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OK, thanks, that's what I needed to hear.
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