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Post wisdom tooth removal infection?

I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed on October 9th. Swelling and healing seemed to have been subsiding throghout last week until Sunday the 18th, when I felt that swelling and pain became worse. I went to the oral surgeon who did the procedure and he said he didn't see much. I was put on clindamycin by him second time around: first immediately after the surgery and second starting 4 days ago.
My concern is that it's not getting better even with such strong antibiotic (two courses of the latter), but rather worse: the swelling to include my left cheek and a bit in my neck after so many days after the surgery.
I would appreciate any advice as to how to proceed. Almost two weeks now (12 days) after surgery now.

Thank you.

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Actually, the oral surgeon may want to switch to another antibiotic as giving you the same antibiotic may not be doing the trick.  The bacteria may be getting used to the antibiotic and rendering it less effective.  Ask your surgeon if switching antibiotics may be possible.  
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[quote=Jerome Tsang, DDS]  The bacteria may be getting used to the antibiotic and rendering it less effective.[/quote]

I wonder if that's why my mouth still hurts after 7 days and taking 2,000mg of Penicillian a day! (500X4)  !?!?!

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