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Symptoms After Dental Crown

Hello, and thank you.

I got a dental crown on a lower right molar (1st molar ) two years ago. Shortly after the placement of the crown I started getting non stop dizziness. It was first diagnosed as Labrynthitis and then later as BPPV. I had paroxysmal dizziness for 15 months (despite maneuvers to help) after. MRI of brain was done, fine. Echocardiogram was done that showed a mild MVP, nothing else. Eventually the dizziness stopped, but was replaced by headaches on the right side of the face, cheek numbness (ever-present),jaw pain and "ice pick" ear pain in the right ear.

ENT says sinuses and ear canals are clear and he thinks it may be TMJ.  At dental exam yesterday, dentist agreed and says he will need to correct my bite and that a wisdom tooth that is slanted may also be causing pressure. The wisdom tooth was there before the crown, and the crown was a tight fit.

I mentioned the coincidental onset at all the specialists I was shifted off to and they all said "He'd have had to really rough you up to cause BPPV" LOL They assumed it was BPPV. I'm not even 40 and a nurse looked doubtful.

So I ask you, honestly, could some of this weirdness of the last two years simply be because the crown is too big and pushing and putting pressure on something (like a nerve) in my face?
Would be funny and easily fixed.
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I have placed many crowns in my career and have never had anyone with these type of symtoms. I would suggest that you see a dentist who specializes in TMJ dysfunction before you have any teeth extracted or you bite adjusted.
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Thanks for your response. I do feel a lack of comfort with the wisdom tooth extraction notiion. He says it's tilted and will probably have to broken into 3 pieces to get out. Yet, even now the jaw is stiff and achy and the headache and facial numbness are there. At first I thought migraine, but the TMJ is definitely something to look into.  I hope I can find a true specialist in TMJ as so many claim to treat it.
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try a chiropractor too that adjusts the jaw. unfortunatly i dont think ive ever heard a patient have these situations after a crown was placed as well. yes some do say they are specialists, but do your homework. im sorry but i dont know what bppv is?
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BPPV is benign paroxsysmal positional vertigo. Basically you get "hit" with waves of terrible dizzinees from moving your head the "wrong" way. They say it comes from having crystals in your inner ear misplaced and upsetting your sense of balance. Usually a manuever to turn your body in a sequence of postions will miraculously knock everything back in it's proper place. Usually it's that simple, but it didn't work for me after several attempts and even wearing a collar. LOL
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TMJ! I suffered from headaches and ear pain for years and my new dentist said it was because of TMJ. He fitted me for a mouth guard to sleep in and sent me to a specialist to treat the TMJ. Acupuncture, warm cloth at night on my jaw, and exercises to strengthen my neck and back muscles because they became weak with all the tension. He also had me open and close my mouth widely several times a day so my jaw wouldn't lock. It worked. Not I just have to maintain the regimen. Good luck!
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Thanks! All of the symptoms sound familiar. I will look for a TMJ specialist.:-)
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I was so happy to read your post.

Late January, I had the lower molar and upper incisor whittled down for crowns. I'd never felt better. My mood was great and my energy better than it had been in a long time.

Then, two days after the crowns were applied (about a month ago), I awoke with severe upper back/lower neck pain and unbelievable dizziness ONLY WHEN I WOULD LIE DOWN. Thinking it was some kind of infection, I let it go. When it wouldn't go away, I went to the chiropractor. That hasn't worked either. The dizziness isn't as bad, but now it's just all the time. I basically feel drunk all day.

Now that I know I'm not alone and that it's not some kind of neurological or inner ear infection, I will pursue it with my alternative health care practitioners to find out what's really going on.

I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, we'll be able to find out what's really the cause of this.

Thanks again!!
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