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Tongue problems from TMJ? Please post yours here.

If you've had tongue symptoms with your TMJ, please post them here.  I have weird symptoms and am not sure if they are related to my TMJ. I went to the ENT who brushed off my problems completely. Please respond.
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I have been diagnosed w/ TMJ via an MRI and I experience strange pressure/pain at the back of my tongue. I'm waiting to see the specialist but I'm told that this symptom can be related to TMJ. Hope that helps. What are your specific symptoms?
I had an MRI as well and the ENT said it is more than likely TMY but found a lump on my neck that I had a biopsy on that is unrelated.
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Did you find out if you have TMJ?  I have been having jaw problems for a few weeks now, dizziness for almost a year, strange head "aches" for a month, and it feels like there is a cut or something on my tongue (but further down that the dr can see, I think).  The last time I went to the dentist (2 months ago), he asked me if I had jaw pain and if I tended to grind my teeth.  I didn't think I did, but maybe I do.  I also noticed that my jaw is clicking all the time now (just in the past two weeks).  I am sooooo nervous about all of this (especially the "cut" on my tongue).  I went to the clinic tonight and he is sending me for an xray and an ultrasound of my TM joints, my soft neck muscles and my thyroid.  Oh, I should also mention that my tongue feels sort of swollen on the one side and that I can hardly taste anything on that same side these days.  I am a bit of a hypochondriac, but please tell me what you think.
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My tmj patients never reported tongue symptoms. However, if no structural pathology identified by ENT, seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
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I have had similar problems with my TMJ. I have a swollen neck on one side, and feels like a sore at the back of my tongue too. I have been to dentist who says that I DO NOT HAVE MOUTH CANCER as this was my first thought. My neck also causes great concern. And I have and on/off earache. According to my doctor all is well and my neck is justa tight muscle as a result of my chewing of my gums. This really gets me down as I am a worrier by nature.
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always biting my tongue. or chewing on it.
I to have tmj problem and from a long time i feel there are wounds in right corner near tonsils of my toung.  I also feel like  lump within my cheeks..i am worried that is it tmj or something else
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My ENT said I had TMJ and get on youtube to learn more. Bottom of my lower tongue hurts like a SOB.  So do my teeth and ear. All on the right side.
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