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White lump over above lower wisdom tooth

Thank you in advance for helping.

About three days ago I noticed that I could not chew well on the left side without biting down on something in the lower wisdom tooth area. After looking at the area in a mirror I noticed that there was swelling of the inside of the cheek along the tooth line and a white fleshy lump hanging off the back of the jaw over the lower wisdom tooth. Every time I chew I have to be careful in order to prevent biting down on the skin. It is not very large and it is painful. This area was infected once before and I am wondering if this white spot, which resembles the shape of the area of the tooth that bit it, is just an injury or could it be something dangerous? Could a lesion pop up this quickly? I am concerned about cancer and want to erase this possibility from my mind.  Thank you for your advice.
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It does not sound like cancer but you should have a dentist or an oral surgeon examine you to make sure.  It sounds more like pericoronitis, which is extra "gum" tissue over the wisdom tooth that can get infected and can cause pain when biting.
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It could be an absess, where food or bacteria got into an opening in your mouth and is now infected.  I would contact your dentist as soon as possible
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Thank you doctor for the quick response. I saw my dentist this morning and he said that what he saw was also pericoronitis. Sometimes a second opinion can settle the mind down. Again, thank you for your time and knowledge on this board. It is a wonderful resource for the public.

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I have a lump over my top right wisdom tooth and i dont exactly no what color it is it herts badly at all times and it has been there for a few weeks and i cant exactly afford to go to a oral sergon or anything and i do not have any insurance i was just wondering if i should be worried about it being a tomer or somethig like that please let me know as soon as possable

                   Thank you
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