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Wisdom tooth removal?

I think I have a wisdom tooth coming through on my top left side. It hurts and if I shine a light in my mouth I'm sure i can see the start of one coming through. I'm a 17 y/o girl. Can I get it removed without it even being fully through? Or do I have to wait? Also I don't want to be put under and I don't want laughing gas. I don't have anxiety over this, I had fillings done and I wasn't nervous at all. Can I just have the numbing stuff and be done with it? I live in the UK if that's any help, I'm not sure if the dentistry is different in the UK to the US or other parts of the world.
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Wisdom tooth enclosed with soft tissues or joints of mouth Partial eruption is a main reason of infection because it allows bacteria to enter around the infected teeth. Contact your dentist and tell him about your dental issue. It is always recommended to get your wisdom teeth removed, as it comes out with no alignment defined. If your dentist recommends removing your wisdom tooth, then go ahead.  
Yes! Kawaiierun Dentistry is never different in the UK to the US or other parts of the world 
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