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Yellow tongue

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Have any of you also had a strange and unpleasant taste in your mouth that would not go away? Even moments after brushing, flossing, etc.? And how about more than average phlegm production?
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I noticed the furry yellow tongue a week ago, I've been brushing tongue and using listerine it helps for a few hours and then come back I have IBS also. TIve been using Benifiber for a 3 weeks now and wonder if this was the cause. I'm usually very regular and for a few weeks was not so I used Miralax I wonder if these things are causing the yellowing on our tongues?? Does anyone have any answers for us?
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factors associated with altered taste(dysgeusia)
acute necrotizing gingivitis
Chorda tympani injury
Drugs, especially antibiotics
endocrine diseases
heavy-metal intoxication
psychological problems
zinc deficiency
idiopathic conditions
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I don't have much taste at all, but I pretty much lost my taste last summer.  I don't have any phlegm production due to the Sjogren's syndrome.  Also, like the others, I have had bad IBS.  I have to take Colace in the AM and PM and drink Miralax at night, but I thought that was all due to the Sjogren's.
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