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fever and headache after root canal


I had a root canal redone on # 14 last Friday by endodontist who found a 4th canal that had never been seen before. I had been dealing with a fistula for the past 3 years. I had a small fistula appear on Sat. and disappear on Sun.  I have had a slight headache since Sunday.  I am now starting again with a small fistula, still have the slight headache and now have a low grade fever @ 100 degrees.  Can the fever and headache be related to the root canal?  I am going to my dentist tomorrow because the temporary crown done by the endodontist has worn off.  How worried should I be-could the infection be traveling?  Do I need antibiotics? At this rate with another fistula appearing should I just pull the tooth?  Thanks
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Its possible that the infection could travel and spread although the presence of a fistula is a good thing.  The pus that is created is actually leaving the abscess through the fistula and preventing it from spreading usually.  

The fever and headache can be from the infection of the tooth although if a root canal was performed, it should be fine.  I would bring it up with your dentist tomorrow and discuss the possibility of some antibiotics for coverage and re-evaluating the problem in a week or so.  

I wouldn't pull the tooth (because I'm very conservative and try to save all teeth) until all your treatment options are exhausted.  Sometimes finances are a consideration though.
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Hi again,

I went to my dentist and called my endodontist.  Neither put me on an antibiotic because they feel I don't need it.  I still have a headache and low grade fever -this is going on a week.  I am getting concerned and am almost ready for the emergency room.  How would I know if there is an infection in my body?  Both dentists told me it couldn't happen.   Thanks again.
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If both the specialist and dentist feel that it isn't possible, then I'd go to your primary care physician to see what may be the cause of your symptoms.

As I said before, if the root canal was done, it should take care of the infection so its most likely not a cause but I understand that the timing of your fever and headache makes you believe so.  Again, you should probably see your primary care physician to get it checked out.

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