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fix bridge or dentures?

Wanna know which is best, dentures or fixed bridge?I had one of my front tooth extracted many yrs back and was using a denture.Now I need to change the denture and was thinking of fixed bridge instead..but Im worried of the effects in one of good tooth to be use as a support for the bridge.,was worried that it will be infected eventually also.Pls. enlighten me of the advantage and disadvantage of having bridge over dentures and the procedure to it.thank you.
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I think I would go with an implant if you can afford it. i had a tooth extracted 3 weeks ago and might have to have one of my "fang teeth" extracted due to a failed root canal... im like you, i dont want to have a bridge done at the expense of a healthy tooth. from what i understand is each time a tooth has work on it...it makes the tooth more "angry"...thats why im not having a bridge done where i had the bootm one extracted...the teeth on either side of it are perfect, no denatl  work on them at all and i dont even wanna start messing with them and make them angry...so im going for an implant.
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An implant would be your best option to replace a single tooth.  You will not have to cut into healthy adjacent teeth, and it will not move like a denture would.  Implants, done well, will last the rest of your life.
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Thanks for your help..but implants is really out of budget as of now.It cost a lot of money.The consideration I only have is denture or bridge.But Im considering implants also maybe in the future just need to save up for that.

Thanks so much!
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In that case, do a denture now.  You will not ruin the adjacent teeth, and you can use the savings towards your implant in the future.
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