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wisdom teeth removal

hi. i had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. it was on the right side top and bottom, and both wounds have dissovable stitches. i am still finding it very painful and taking painkillers every 3-4 hours. how long will the pain last?
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It varies from person to person but it can last up to a week in terms of pain.  It might still be sore or annoying for several weeks but generally, the worse of it is over in a week or less.  I've had patients who have bounced back in several days and other's who take the whole week.  Has the symptoms improved at all since the extractions?
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Hi. I have removed two of my top wisdom teeth about 4 hour ago. I asked my dentist to give me the teeth. Now at home, I see that one of them (which its empty socket is now very painful) has some thing like bone tightly clinging on it. the size of this disjoint part of bone is about 1mm x 1cm x 6mm. it is obviously part of my bone.

I am so worried about it. Please let me know that it will heal or not! what will happen to that missing part of bone? how long does it take to completely cure? and is this event frequent?

thank you so much.
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It probably will heal.  It depends on what part of the jaw but most likely, it'll fill in on its own over the months.  Unfortunately bone takes awhile to heal.
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