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i have to quit medhelp

4 maddie44 i have to leave medhelp my niece is reading them and is very upset at me.  i have exagerated things i say about her.  she is really sweet and will try to do things for me.  sometimes i dont feel like it.  but i should not talk about someone who has been such an important part of my life i love her.  i want to apology to all of you and to her i dont know why i said bad things about her.  she is special to me.  i love her i dont know what to say or do.  i guess i am a bed person.  i dont know what to do to get her to forgive me.  good lucj to you all.  gloria789
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I agree with nursegirl! And I to hope you chose to stay! Try explaining to her, how this site is a form of extra support (truth!)for you, and that would like to continue keeping it that way! It shoudnt be up to her anyways, you shouldnt have to explain anything, but its just for peace sakes, right? And she shouldnt be reading through your personal stuff, or going through thinkgs on your computer, period!  A lot of us are on here and nobody, not even the ones closest to us know!  
I hope you can get this straightned out, and continue to stay on medhelp!
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Maybe you should start saying something nice about her if you love her.
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Oh gloria, please don't go.  I don't recall you saying anything bad about your niece?  Quite the opposite actually!  You've talked about how she's all you have, and you're glad she's around.  You've told us how she helps you.  I wonder if she's read ALL your posts, where you've defended her, and acknowledged her support?  Sounds like she picked one or two things she didn't like, and that's very unfortunate.

I'm going to be very honest with you, hon.  You're a grown woman....she's not the boss of you.  You have EVERY right to seek help and comfort from a site if you like.  Even if you told us she was an evil troll who lived under a bridge...we don't know you, or her.  You were venting, and telling us very basic things.

I'm sorry, but I think she's being selfish here.  Your house, your computer, your decisions.  If you said some things that were maybe exaggerated a bit because you were feeeling low, that's life, you're human.  We all do it. So, apologize to her for doing so, and then tell her that the rest is none of her business, because it isn't.  You've done a lot for her...and she has done a lot for you...but sorry, she has NO right to dictate if you can or can't come to this site.  We've been offering you support you so desperately need.

I also find it sad that rather her be upset at the emotional dire straights you've been in...she chose instead to give you a hard time for what you posted.  She should have reached out and offered you some help.

I hope you don't go, gloria.  Please think about it.  This saddens me.  We'll always be here for you.  Tell your niece that you need help and support, and she should be glad you're getting it somewhere.  Take care.
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I think you should say and maybe on second thoughts you are being to hard on yourself--you probably didn't mean to say those things and I'm sure your niece loves you.
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should ''stay'' that should have read.
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I am sorry you are thinking of leaving.  I do feel however that your niece should not have read your correspondence on the computer.  You have the right to keep things private.  Have you not got your own password, so no one else can read your things?

I am sure things will blow over, and tell her you get comfort from posting on medhelp.  Please don't leave we have just started getting to know each other.
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i do not use my full name i go by.  medhelp gives me a number password i must not have logged out.  i have cried all day yesterday and was sick most of last night and didnt go to sleep.  i really feel bad.  but you are right i did get upset she pried in to my privacy.  love gloria789
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Exactly gloria.  She had no right to do that, and she certainly had no right to demand you not post here anymore (if she did that).  Like I said, you have had plenty of very nice things to say about her.  There's NOTHING wrong with a person venting about their loved ones, everyone does it, including her.  I'm sure she has things about you she complains to other people about.  The only difference is, MOST times, the person we're blwoing off a little steam about doesn't usually hear or read the things we say, because of course, it isn't meant to intentionally hurt that person.

I'm sorry you're so upset about this situation, but I think you need to set some boundaries with her.  She's living in YOUR home...she needs to be a little more respectful.  I think the very best thing to do is let it go.  You've apologized to her for hurting her feelings...leave it at that, but don't leave MH.  If she brings it up again, tell her you're entitled to your privacy, as is she.  

I'm so sorry this has upset you so, you really didn't deserve it.  Be sure to change your MH password if you think she knows it, and just be more careful about logging out from now on.  She may have come accross it by accident if you left it open, but being that it is your own "personal space" per se, she really didn't have the right to read it, let alone bring it up.  Had you given identifying info, sure, that would be a little different.  Do you know who I am or where I live based on knowing me as "nursegirl6572"?  Of course not.  No more than we have ANY idea who you are.

Thinking of you. I hope this blows over for you quickly, and I really hope she doesn't bring it up again, as it's not fair.  You're NOT in the wrong here, gloria, SHE is.  And you know us well enough by now to know we would be honest with you if you did something wrong.  Don't waste your precious energy and emotions on this.

Big hugs.
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thank you you made me feel so much better.  i do have my right for privacy.  everyone does i dont pry into her things.  it just isnt right.  i will wait she is being really sweet right now.  the way i always wanted.  i just want us to enjoy each other and have some fun inb life we are all  we got.  love you for being so sweet  gloria789
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Hi, I think being on this site and chatting to us has helped you.  Perhaps seeing what you wrote has made your niece think hard about your relationship.  I think maybe things between you will improve now.  I hope so.

Keep posting here as you have made friends, and we care about you.
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she said i can still be on here just dont talk bad about her. i will writre to you all later so i guess you will be stuck with me for a while.  i was really to get comfortable with you all.  you give me another reason to wake up and do something.   gloria789
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I believe you are very well liked on the forum so stay and enjoy the friendships on here.You are a good person.
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