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13 year old depressed maybe. Help?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I really am starting to believe I have depression. I cry every night over things that happened forever ago and don't even matter anymore. I took a quiz and it said somewhere about 94% positive I was depressed I have also taken a quiz and it said I was bipolar and that I have a mental illness causing me to have multiple personalities. I don't know what to do my mom will just say its hormones and everything but I don't know how much longer I can take this. I don't cut but have thought about it and I have also thought about what people would do if I committed suicide. I don't know if I'm depressed or not nothing even really seems to make me happy anymore. Please help!  
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it sounds like to me you are and you need to find you a mental health docotr where do you live like what state and county ?
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I live in Harnett county, North Carolina
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Stop taking quizzes.  I didn't even know what bipolar was when I was 13.  Try not to diagnose yourself by a quiz.  Your family would be wrecked if you committed suicide, I have attempted it and saw what that attempt did.  There is nothing wrong with talking to a therapist if you need to, teenage years are hard on everybody.  You can also come on here and vent some but please don't take anything that you hear at face value, not even this.  Good luck and if you need to talk about anything that you don't want to share on here go to the teenage depression forum, you may feel more comfortable there.
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try to find a thearopist out there or a specialist to help with this its pretty much  a mental health doctor but its to help with depression and everything
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