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Anyone prefer Prozac to Zoloft?

So I'm pregnant with my second baby and my anxiety is through the roof.  I've tried staying off antidepressants for years, but now I think I have to bite the bullet and take something.  I've gone over safety during pregnancy (agonized really) and it really is to the point where benefits outweigh the risks.  My doctor suggested Zoloft or Prozac.  I chose Zoloft first because I had read it was better for breastfeeding.  I tried it a couple of years ago and got very jittery and quit, not wanting to accept that I needed medicine anyway.  Despite all that, I hoped it would be better this time.  It was not.  This time I got diarrhea as well.  

My question is, can it be possible to have a better experience with Prozac?  I've heard it's more stimulating and that worries me.  But my mother and 2 sisters take it and have never had any issues at all.  They do great on it.  I'm hoping this means I can as well.  I actually tried it 20 years ago, although only for 3 weeks (again resistant) so I don't really know or remember much from that although I didn't seem to have any horrible effects.

Please no lectures against meds and no horror stories.  I have agonized over this already more than you can imagine.  My choices are limited and I am at an all time low.
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both the 2 meds are good , there are in the top meds used on the front line
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Well, if i were pregnant, I'd try to tough it out, but you've weighed the risks.  Here's the good news about Prozac -- it's much easier to quit than other antidepressants because it stays in the body for about a month, whereas the others leave in a matter of hours -- this means it's not such a shock to the brain upon stopping.  It might be more stimulating, but it's not as stimulating as snris or wellbutrin, it's just more stimulating than other ssris, so you might not notice that at all.  So I think in that regard it's always a good idea to start with Prozac because if it does work it's just less of a pain than most of the others.  Good luck.
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