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Celexa and Wellbutrin

Hello, I am on 10mg Celexa and 200mg of Wellbutrin. Since I started taking this mix I have been extremely exhausted to unbearable points. I have been yawning ever since I started taking these medications. I have had minor twitches on on and off. I have had like "cold" shivers at least 10 a day even in hot weather. I seem to be walking less fluidly and I find it really hard to sit still at times. I am pretty much zoned out all the time, i have a lot more irritability and I have trouble remembering things. I also have this minor pain in my enck, it seems stiff all the time and a feeling of needing to crack it. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is normal with the medication or what?
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How long have you been on both medications?
In the past have taken Celexa, although not together with wellbutrin.
I have taken wellbutrin in the past, then something else (the new insurance didn't cover that medication) Now I take wellbutrin again (other insurance) (400 mg. which is almost at its top amount allowed), but from the 20 something different meds I've taken through the years, wellbutrin has given me no side effects.
Celexa can make you drowsy.
Talk to your doctor, you might need the amount adjusted.

Just my opinion.
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I started both mediations about the same time, from what I have seen I am pretty sure most of the side effects are from Celexa, i could be wrong though. I am going to see my doctor in a week about it. I have heard a variety of different possibilities really. I have been on both of them for 1month 3weeks
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I take my wellbutrin 150 mg in the morning and 10 mg celexa at night. Been taking wellbutrin for years and recently added the celexa due to increased depression and hot flashes from menopause. The celexa does make you drowsy so it's perfect at night. Hope this helps
I'm on 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL which I take in the morning.  I also take Buspirone for anxiety.  I have terrible hot flashes and was thinking of speaking with my doctor about that.  Does the Celexa help you with the hot flashes?  I could use it to help me sleep as well.  Do you experience any side effects?  I had been on Lexapro for years, but switched to Wellbutrin because of weight gain on Lexapro.  Wellbutrin increased my anxiety so I'm taking the Buspirone to combat that.  Hope you are doing well with the combination.  
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I just noticed your post was 8 years ago sorry
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