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Cymbalta weight gain

I recently got off Zoloft about six months ago becasue I gained 25lbs. Now I am on Cymbalta and have gained another 10lbs, Does nay other person have this problem? I want to get off it, any other ideas on what depression medcine to take that waon't make you gain weight..help
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Yes, I am gaining weight on Cymbalta and dont understand either.  I am waiting to see what the dr. replies.  I exercise 5 days a week for an hour and a half and havent lost an ounce.
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I have gained from May to December of last year. I have been taking cymbalta for a year. I attributed the gain to a stressful project that I let keep me from exercising. But, I watch what I eat and really eat a balanced diet. Yet, I can't lose the weight! I started walking a mile 3 times a week and took alli as well. Have not lost an ounce.
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Sorry, I forgot to add that I gained 30 pounds. I have not really talked to my Dr. about it. Until I read your post, I  had not associated the weight gain with cymbalta.
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I have been on cymbalta for three years I haved gained about 30 pounds i need to find another rx that will help me lose the weight and help my depression too but cymbalta works the best of any i have taken and i am afraid to change it helps my nerve pain in my arms as well but i still want to sleep during the day and i have no energy to do anything.
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