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Depressed about my options as a pain patient

I struggle with a severe form of spinal arthritis. My doctors encourage me to medicate. I don't like to. I tend to slip in and out of dependency according to pain levels and depression about it. I lose connections and sulk in my bed. I just stopped all about a week ago. Feeling a bit better. Still depressed with another medical procedure looming. I'm worried. Anyone else in this boat? Any personal advice from experience is welcome. You have to be here to know.
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Hi there I have had depression for 20 years, and now my spinal arthritis is giving me a lot of pain.  Pain does drag us down, and make us depressed.  I coped with depression as best I could, but now, with the arthritis, I feel so down and alone.

I am 73 so I know arthritis is not unusual, and I have been lucky to have not had constant pain.  I am having treatment for my back at the moment.  

I don't know what advice to give.  I think I am feeling much like you.  Some days better than others.  No alternative but to struggle on.  I post here daily, and that helps me to know there are other people who care and know how I feel.

When I stopped my anti depressant medication last year, after 20 years, I was so encouraged.  However, now with the arthritis pain, it is dragging my mood down again.  Constant pain is such a nuisance (polite word).

I see you are also waiting for another medical procedure.  I do hope that goes well.  Well what can I say, post here, keep going as best you can.  When you have to give in to rest, then do it.  Mind you I do so hate being by myself at home, it makes me even lower if I cannot get out.  However, I am old now.  I do what I can, when I can.  That is all we can do.

Keep in touch.
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Thank you. It is so good to know I am not alone. I am in exactly the same boat as you recently. It comes and goes but when it comes it stays way too long. I've been trying to fend off pain with pills because I was too scared to go back in for the RF. It was complicated by the fact that my doc (whom I loved) was no longer doing this procedure and he was the one I worked with for over a year to get all the facet joints. He promised to be my 'go to' guy. Apparently my thoracic spine facet procedure is extensive and unusual. It took a long time to find another to do it. No one seems comfortable with the high amount of levels I need. I have the neck ones coming up in 10 days. I am now drug free but lost. My wight is up, my self esteem low. I've neglected my friendships and am very lonely. Luckily these RF things work. Now I just need to get a life...again. Very demoralizing.
I really need others who understand
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Me too.  Have been an anxiety sufferer for years, then a medication gave me all kinds of mental pain.  Then the exercise I was doing gave me all kinds of injuries and I'm always in pain.  I don't have an answer either, but you're definitely not alone.
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I am going to see physiotherapist at hospital tomorrow so I hope some manipulation will ease my back pain.  I have paid quite a lot of money to see an osteopath a couple of times.  NHS her in UK, so will not have to pay for hospital treatment.  If it does not help, I can always try osteopath again.

My left foot is numb, so I wonder if that is connected to my spinal arthritis.  I don't like taking strong pain killers, and when I saw doctor recently, asked for the weakest dose of co-codamol.  

I do hope your treatment helps with the pain.  Gosh don't you think loneliness is the pits??  

Can you explain the RF please.
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I can relate to this thread very well.  I too have spine arthritis and after 3 failed back surgeries with Rods and Screws, was told that there was nothing the medical community could do for me and all I could hope for was the rest of my life in a wheel chair.

I am 3 years post surgery and have found in my research the very strong correlations between pain and depression and depression and pain.  The pain causes depression and untreated depression can cause the pain to just skyrocket through the roof.  And it is an unending cycle.

From what I read, the pain will carve a path through a brain almost like a runway for airplanes.  It is easier to become and stay depressed with pain, and harder to shut down the neural path.  

I too have refused all pain medication.  Have not had to withdraw or taper so I can't say how difficult that would be on top of the depression and pain.

Good luck to you and I will be interested to hear how you are doing...

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