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Depression and hallucinations?

Hi, I need to know what to do about the visual and audio hallucinations I have been experiencing. From 7 to around 10 years old, I experienced visual, audio and tactile hallucinations (hearing the piano playing in the middle of the night, feeling bugs crawling all over me, seeing the ceiling falling down, seeing letters all over the walls etc). My mother just thought it was night terrors and didn't do anything about it as they stopped when I was about 10.

At 16, I have been diagnosed with depression and am currently not on any medication (I am just seeing a counsellor). The problem is, the hallucinations have come back. They are no where near as severe as what they used to be, but I feel they are getting worse. They have been visual, tactile and audio (seeing faces and shadows, seeing patterns on the walls, feeling like someone has touched my face, hearing voices etc). I thought I could handle them as they only last about 5 seconds at a time, and they are worst at night - but they are starting to occur in the day also. I am scared to tell anyone because I don't want them to think I'm crazy and I don't know what they'll say.

Has anyone else experienced hallucinations while being diagnosed with depression? I did think it was psychotic depression at first, but I am not delusional and I know my hallucinations are not real so I have ruled that out. Please help me, what should I do? Will they go away on my own or is it okay not to tell anyone as they are not getting in the way of every day life?
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As a child I had shocking night terrors and hallucinations,I would imagine people standing behind my bedroom door and would often need to have a lamp on,also I heard sounds and music playing in the middle of the night.I also would see images with my eyes open which is what scared me the most.As I got old it all started to fade and in adulthood it never happens anymore.I have suffered from depression for a long time but with the right meds and therapy I have improved out of sight.I really believe that you will get better and your situation will improve.All the best.
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I don't know if I can help on this. I have Bipolar II and BPD and have had hallucinations but those are usually part of the symptoms. Most the times I'll see something following me around as clear as if it was day but its not. Its not there, just imagined and I know that but its still there. I've seen the faces and felt the being touched, constant shivers. But I've made up my own imaginings to make them rational. The only one that bugs is the auditory. While hospitalized, my psychiatrist informed me of hallucinations where apparently I was talking to myself. Which gets confusing because I remember all the other inmates and can't remember ever talking to myself where my doc would know. Yet I did. I have been ruled out as schizophrenic so I guess it falls under stress and the other two. So as for depression, it's not unheard of.
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Under sleep deprivation, no food,high off my *** on XTC and oh yea,im clinically diagnosed with depression. With all that going on i was visually hallucinating the letters V and M. Everywhere, on everything.  It wasnt any normal letters, they look skewed a little,in everything and anything it looked that way.  I "believe" that my mind was vulnerable and susceptible to the altered state of reality. And for that whole day i was experiencing that in my life as if it was apart of my vision.  Just the letters V and M.  I then i realized that v is symbolic in many way,say Baphomet.  I was under the hypnosis of the dark,and i got to peak into that reality.  Ill never forget that day,it changed me,i need help understanding what happened. Will it happen again?  Thoughts, advice,solutions? Give me your input.  Email me directly @    ***@****
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