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Do i have Depression or something

Hey, i'm 15 years old, thanks for reading. It's hard to put into words how i feel, it's not like i feel down or upset, but it's as if i have a lack of feeling, like i am not feeling any kind of mood, i am not happy or sad, just sort of nothing like a feeling of emptiness. Is there anything that could be wrong with me. I seem to have these kind of moods in bursts randomly. There isn't much that could cause these moods either. Does anyone know if this is some kind of depression. When i am in these moods i seem to randomly dwell and deeply think about the things that i have done wrong and wishedi hadn't done them. Can someone help me?
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These kinds of feelings can go along with depression, but if you're never down to the point of having difficulty functioning due to lack of motivation then it doesn't sound like depression.  If you're concerned enough, a psychologist can properly evaluate you.
It is not a nice feeling. However if it persists you need to see a phsycologist. Have you chatted to your parents about your feelings? Get a journal and write all your feelings down daily. Do you have a routine? Exercise? Healthy eating habbits?
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Hey, you are still a kid! what tension do you have in your life, so much so that you feeling so low dear?, Cope up there is so much of beautiful things you need to discover in life.  I faced this situation when someone very close to me felt me and i use to feel the same that you went through. You have to accept that people are mean, rude and there are many such people you will meet in future too, but that does mean to stress the hell out of yourself!

I realized that by being so vulnerable we are spoiling infact ruining our life. why to waste the only life that we have gifted? think about it. Speak with someone close to you, get involved in your hobby, move! dont stay in once place and try to be happy just for yourself and your family!
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I recommend joining a sports team, doing yoga, a spin class...get natural high on exercise....see what happens when you get a good aerobic work out in. try massage...you sound like you know your body te natural process first. lots of water, healthy eating less sugars, fake carbs more veggies...try nature or volunteering for others. good luck
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It doesn't sounds like depression, you are probably feeling alone. Making new friends and getting involved in hobbies, sports activities can help you change your mood and feel good.
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