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Effexor and Cymbalta

Because of sexual side effects with Effexor, my psychiatrist is switching me to Cymbalta because supposedly it has lower sexual side effects.  Anyone out there that has tried both or anyone with positive things to say about Cymbalta?  Thanks!
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I have tried both. they both have that issue. keep us posted.
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I was on Cymbalta and experienced those side effects, but was much better after switching to Lexapro. Good luck!
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when you got off effexor, how long did the withdraw symptoms last? And what were they? I started reducing my does 2 days ago and I feel like crap.
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Darn, I was afraid you guys might say that! I'm on lexapro also and never had issues until Effexor was added.  If Cymbalta does it too I am going to have to either go off of it completely or try yet another.  Thanks!
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