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Effexor and Xanax

hi,My DR,switched me from ativan to xanax on this past Thurs,I feel kinda more depressed and nausted,He also gave me Effexor 75 mg to take i took it on Friday and i dont know if it was the mixture of meds but my blood pressure dropped as well as my heart rate dropped,usually when i was on ativan heart ratewas in 90s it is in the 60s now,Im so afraid i havent taking another effexor,,,,i take the xanax because my anxiety is bad but i feel so emotionless has anyone taking the combination and how did it affect you,should i give the effexor anotehr try,since i only took one,most of my days im alone so its scary for my blood pressure and heartrate to drop and something is making me feel funnyin the head
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If anything Effexor would cause an increse in your Blood Pressure rather than a drop.

Xanax can lower blood pressure, but usually only in large dosages.

I took Effexor XR 300Mgs a day for 4 years along with Xanax as needed. In that time the Effexor worked very well, but it took a good 6 weeks at 300Mgs a day before it kicked in good.

75Mgs a day is a good starting dosage. In most people this will not cause a bad reaction, but it does take time for your body to adjust to the medication.
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PLEASE call your doctor and report what is happening.  Let your doctor access what is happening.  Keep me posted  

Many blessings,

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