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Effexor and hot flashes

Has any of you menopausal gals(like myself) had any experiences with reduced hot flashes while using Effexor?   I am on HRT now and just started Effexor for anxiety and my dr. says it works great on reducing hot flashes.  If this is so maybe I will cut back on HRT for hot flashes.  Thanks!
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Hello, I was on HRT for 13 years as I had an early menopause. Worked wonders on hot flashes.  (we call them hot flushes in UK).  I am way past that now, at my advanced age!!  I am on 150mg of Effexor daily.  In my case I get hot flashes occasionally, and thought this was due to the medication.  

Great if it reduces them for you, but I think you need to discuss with doctor before deciding to cut back on HRT.  Would be interesting if other ladies found like you that Effexor helps with these, as hot flashes so debilitating.
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Yes they can be very disruptive to life, and that is the main reason I started HRT.  I have NO intentions of stopping hrt on my own,  as a matter of fact my doctor(who is a woman) encouraged me to stay on them as I was considering the risk factors,  because she said if they improve your quality of life then go for it and I agree.   My other doctor mentioned that effexor was good on cutting back the number of hot flashes and their intensity.   I haven't read anywhere where it actually causes hot flashes,  God I hope not.   But time will tell.  Only been on it a few days and have a long way to go before the trial month is up and back to the dr.  Thank you 4Maddie44 for your post.  
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We all respond to drugs differently.  What causes side effects in one person, may not in another, and vice versa.  

In the leaflet that comes with the Effexor there are masses of side effects mentioned that most people may never experience.  Best not to read it really.  Nevertheless, as you brought up hot flushes, I thought I would look and see if they are mentioned.  It does say that more than 1 in 10 users could experience flushing.  It also mentions so many others, that I myself have never experienced.  

As your doctor says, however, that it could decrease the intensity of hot flushes, that is a good thing.

I did find that Effexor certainly controls my anxiety, depression and panics, so it is great for that.  See how you go.  Keep in touch.
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Hey, how are you doing on Effexor.  Any change in your hot flashes?
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Hi, I hope you don't mind me bringing up the question of hot flashes and Effexor, as I was hoping more people would reply to your question.  

I have posted again about this, and let's see if anyone else has anything to say.  Would be nice to know others have felt a benefit.

How are you doing?
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