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Exhausted with life

i am stressed out which has caused anxiety, loss of sleep, depression, exhaustion.  What can I do? Who can I see?
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Hi Waterbearer!
I'm sorry for what you are going through...I truly am.
I would talk to your family doctor right away! Be as open
and as honest as you feel that you can be withe him or her
about what you are feeling, and what you are struggling with.
You are definitely not alone!!! Trust me!!!! Let your doctor direct
you on what to do, and whom to see!!! They are the best qualified!
I have said it before, and I'll say it again...It takes a great deal of strength
and courage to even seek help..."Way to go!!!"
You have to take care of "You!!!", and the doc's can really help!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!! :)
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Everybody has highs and lows in life some are not easy to ride but you can and will get through what ever is bothering you we are stronger than we think.
If at all possible try the holistic approache and natural remedies, I wish I had when I got PND I didn't realise these drugs are so addictive and you trust the Dr's big mistake after 2 months we are addicted to these drugs popping them in your mouth is alot easier than stopping them . I went cold turkey off effexor and boy have I suffered, they damage your body. I am still not 100 per cent after being off them 9 months and when I do stabilise
I have to come off a milder one. They switch your part of your brain off how scary is that !!!
Try 5HTP it converts to seretonin when taken off aday or melatonin when taken off a night.
Ask your health shop about them and how to  build them up, distract yourself and tell anxiety to go away, that your not going there. Go for a walk treat yourself to some therapies be kind to yourself and your body will heal itself with your help. Try meditation go to a class or get a visualization CD, go to yoga, go for some counselling.
But please don't pop those pill's !!!
Take care
God Bless
Lorraine xx
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Hi waterbearer,
Here are some useful and effective tips which you take you out from depression.
make yourself busy so you won't get time to think,
When you think make your approach positive,
Start any physical work, it will makes your healthy,
Do watch your favorite movie when you are more depressed,
Do think of happy and pleasant moments of your life.
Make friends and share your problems with them.
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try to find a hobby to keep your mind occupied...everyone has some kind of problem in life...just a different situation and a different person...your depression wouldnt seem so bad if you look at whats going on in the world...you dont need medication...to take you out of reality...you need to focus more...medication is a temporary fix for life problems...and then you get more problems and more medication... your body gets so use to it your not in tuned with reality...and its sending thoughts to your brain that was'nt there before...life is about challenge..and heart ache and pain...and all of those doctors dont fix...Keep your head up...dont stress out...
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I know how you feel. That was what happened to me last year in June that ended me up in the ER. While I was in the ER they had me speak to a counselor that referred me to a pshychiatrist. Never saw one before, but I am now glad I did. Due to my condition of everything possible they put me on Wellbutrin for the depression, Klonopin for the anxiety, and Remeron for sleep. (I am not endorsing these medicines for you since everyones chemistry is different- that mix just worked for me) I know it sounds like alot but I now feel great and can move on with my life. Please seek help for yourself. I know it is hard to think positive right now but things will get better. If you have insurance go on the website and look up pshychiatrists (they handle the medications) and you may want to see a counselor. I wish you the best. We're here for you :0)
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