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Feel a Emptiness after Christmas ?

Now that Christmas, the big day we've all been so anxiously waiting for has past, are you experiencing an empty feeling?     Was the build up too great & now you feel depressed?
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I didn't get excited before Christmas so at least I don't have a let down feeling from that. I pray your not feeling that way and if you are I pray it will pass very soon. I'll be glad when the second week of Jan gets here. Then it will all be over
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I'm ok. Just my normal Bipolar boo-hooeys.   2nd week Jan I'm going to Panama to extend my visa. Yay. Think I'll just stay down here! Pamela
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I think alot of our boo-hooeys stem from unrealized childhood dreams and wishes that continue into adulthood.  We sit under our trees and decorations and if we have not dealt with our past, we start our pity parties where no one but us have the invitation to attend.  

One good thing I learned in recovery groups is that when we live with one foot in the past and one foot in the future, we end up pissing on today. When we don't have the regrets from the past that drive us into depression and the fears of tomorrow that drive us to anxiety, today is actually a pretty good day with plenty of promise.  And that is what I wish for you today....
A wonderful bright full of promising good beautiful day.....One day at a time...

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