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Feeling cold and crying randomly. sudden acute depressive symptoms

I am not sure if anyone knows what this is but basically It starts where i take severe mood swings where i get randomly disproportionately angry for no reason whatsoever. (a minor annoyance is enough to set me off like the bus is late) which is ok and i can deal with this although i might snap a little at a family member of something. However, shortly after this, I have suddenly severe negative thoughts about nothing in particular (kind of like when you are angry about something and then rumerate - like i might think about how bad the transport is in this country and how it will never get better which would lead into how I cant yet drive even though im taking driving lessons but then i would put myself down and think to myself how i will never be able to drive because im terrible at it which isnt even true etc) which lasts anywhere between fifteen minutes and a few hours. Usually Ill start crying within minutes of this happening (this happens in public too - i have cried on the bus multiple times?) and I might feel frustrated because I don't know how to make it stop. Sometimes while this happens i will get very very cold even when the heating is on and i am fully clothed and I will actually go to bed and lie under the duvet and will start to shiver. Thing is, Im literally happy one minute then suddenly angry and depressed and its like a lightswitch because ill suddenly snap out of it and ill be fine again just as suddenly as it started. I cant function properly when this goes on, for example i cant make decisions or answer questions and it happens fairly often. Id say it happens every other day on average and Ive just sort of been living with it. I dont feel down or anything at any other time. Im completely normal the rest of the time so its just a bit strange and is starting to affect my life abit in that i would struggle to do daily tasks while it happens. That might mean im late for something or it might mean i have to put off tasks until its over. Its like it has to happen and I have no control over it. I would usually get very tired while this happens also. sometimes if i am able, I will go to sleep and i will wake up feeling the same or i might go to sleep and feel instantly better, there is no pattern. The obvious thing to do which would help is to try and change the negative thought pattern but its really strange when it happens. Its like im not even really aware of time passing, nevermind being aware enough to try and think positively. Like i said earlier. I will suddenly be fine and able to get on with the rest of my day. Sometimes I will snap out of it for no good reason or sometimes something will happen that helps me snap out of it like the phone will ring (although im not always able to pretend to be ok, i have had people ask me if im alright before, like i havent come round quick enough). Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what this could be? Its important to mention that there seems to be no pattern to it. I wont always get upset the bus is late for example. Is there anyone with some medical experiece that wants to weigh in an opinion as i would be so grateful. Thank you in advance
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Hello~I am so sorry you are having these feelings. Have you been to a neurologist? Maybe, just maybe, you could be experiencing a type of epilepsy, contrary to what a lot of folks think, it is not always seizures, it can manifest itself in many ways.  I would certainly discuss this with your GP and see if he/she can refer you.

I hope you get the help you need. God bless. :-)
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I would guess this isn't epilepsy, but anxiety.  You are basically describing my life after a severe and permanent withdrawal reaction when I quit Paxil left my anxiety and depression untreatable.  Anxious people often get the chills -- and the sweats.  In your case, I would guess you feel insecure, leading you to fear the consequences of your getting emotional, such as angry.  But you also have to consider why you're getting this angry often enough to cause enough problems to feel the need to post on here.  Everything you describe are common symptoms felt by anxious and depressed people.  It's not a bad thing to see a doctor of some kind to rule out physiological causes for this stuff, there are a lot of conditions that can cause it, such as thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, hormonal problems, dietary problems, etc.  But it sounds to me like some therapy might help you figure out why things bother you this much that it takes such a toll on you.  
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Hi there. Are you currently seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist at all? If not, you really should make one of those first steps. It sounds a lot to me like you’re showing signs of Bipolar Depression. I don’t have experience with it personally, I have lived with major depressive disorder, anxiety/panic disorders, ADHD, and BPD for most of my life, but my mother has had it for most of her life before and after I was born. Because you say these mood swings can last up to 16 hours to me would point to Bipolar Depression.
The main defining characteristic of BD comes from the “manic” periods people go through. Basically, just extreme periods of highs and lows, extreme anger and frustration and negativity about everything, hopelessness, or sudden very elevated moods and happiness, very random bursts of emotions about a lot things that comes on suddenly and seemingly unprovoked. It can completely control your brain and your actions at times.
If you feel that this is something that is interfering with your day to day life and is persistent over longer periods of time, you could have it.
Obviously I’m no doctor, I’m just really familiar with a lot of all this crappy mental illness stuff, and I’ve studied psychology. If it seems like you might be experiencing these things, definitely do some research on Bipolar Depression or other Bipolar disorders and see how your experiences compare.
If it seems like a possible answer, the next step would be seeing a therapist who works with BD patients and can give you professional advice as far as treatment and feeling better! They can determine if medicine is right for you or if you can manage it through therapy. Like I said, not a shrink, but either way you should look into therapy even if you don’t think BD is what’s going on.
Hope this helped!
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