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Generic Effexor Did Not Work For Me

I have found a difference in the generic form of Effexor.  I have asked to be put back on Effexor, and feel much better for it.  The doctors and pharmacists may not agree, but my body tells me what it feels.  We are all different, and what works for one person, does not work for another.

A doctor told me there is little difference in the price, but then I am lucky, as I don't have to pay.  In UK under 16s and over 60s do not pay for their medication.  One good thing about the NHS.  

Have other people found generic Effexor different from the original?
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Hey Maddie!  I'm glad to hear you're back on the brand name and feeling better!!

This is one of those never ending debates (generic vs brand).  Doctors are pretty resistant to believe that there is ANY difference and are quick to say "it's in your head", and that simply isn't ALWAYS the case.  

The truth is, there ARE differences.  They are complicated and hard to explain, but they are there.  There are federal guidelines that require the same amount of the active ingredient, and that both counterparts have the same rate of absorption, but that's about it...and there are a LOT of other factors that go into HOW a medication works from person to person.

Some medications are famous for having differences in efficacy from brand to generic, and Effexor is one of them.  A LOT of people cannot either tolerate the generic or it doesn't work for them like the brand does.

I'm just so glad you insisted to be switched back.  :0)  Awesome!
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I have the same problem.  There are some that come in orange capsules that do not work AT ALL.  The ones that are two-tone white and red, work but seem to lose efficacy before i reach the end of my 90 day supply.

I was on a Paxil study 20 years ago.  Loved the drug but kept reporting brain 'zaps'.  I had many doctors tell me I was nuts.  Then, I had two more friends who had the same experience.  It took a few years, but they finally acknowledged it.  Never second guess your instincts.

I found that adding Wellbutrin to my Effexor (generic red/white caps) has help immensely to give me more energy and level off my mood.  
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