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I take celexa, valium, etc and smoke weed every day

i smoke weed every day and take celexa, valium, tricor, omeprozole, plavix and amlodapin 4 various ailments . does anyone out there know about prochlorperazine? is it safe to take to get high?
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Why don't you go to google and look?
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Hi rando, I looked up the medicine on webmd. This medicine has a lot of interactions with regular medication so I would be very careful...It also says to be careful with antidepressants.
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I would be more concerned about what the weed is doing to you!  Marijuana is just self-medicating, and obviously your meds aren't working if you feel the need to get "high" this way.  You need to address your real issues, and maybe get off some of these meds, especially the weed.
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Not sure, but check first. I won't judge you for smoking MJ. Some people with depression say it is very theraputic for them.

When it comes to depression I say "whatever works."

In my case MJ simply makes my anxiety shoot thru the roof so I can't smoke it. To each his own I guess.
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I agree with Hensley258. I would do a thorough search to determine what (if any interactions) there might be between marijuana and the drugs you are taking. To my knowledge, marijuana can be dangerous if you take it when on antipsychotic medications. However, over the years, I have smoked a joint or two while on prozac and xanax.. with no ill-effects (expect that it tended to make my anxiety worse). But I can't imagine that regular use is a good idea - with or without the meds you are taking. There is a lot of stigma surrounding MJ use, so a lot of people won't talk to their doctors about possible interaction effects. And for liability reasons, most doctors would tell you just not to smoke it. However, I had a doctor who I could talk openly to and he recommended that I have a gin and tonic when my panic is particularly bad and the xanax was just not doing it's thing. My shrink told me that any alcohol while taking benzos could kill me (I'm still here by the way). So it all depends on how honest you can be with your doc. and how honest they can be with you. And everybody reacts differently to these drugs. But overall, it is probably best to lay off the MJ until you've got your anxiety / depression under control.
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That's funny you say that because I once had a P-doc tell me that I could have (only a couple) drinks with my Xanax, but then years later I had a P-doc that said NO you can't do that.

Well like you I had my couple of drinks and I'm still alive. No question Xanax and alcohol can kill, but lets talk about "how much of each at one time." I guess if I were stupid enough to drink a fifth of 100 proof rum and wash it down with 4 or 6 Mgs of Xanax, then yea that could kill a person. 1mg and three beers? I highly doubt there would be any problem.

All in moderation.

As for the pot. If I had to guess, one would be safer to smoke pot with their meds than to drink alcohol with them.

If your Depression and anxiety were Very Severe, then Pot may not be a good idea. I know when my depression gets really bad that pot makes it worse.

For people with mild depression.... They find it theraputic sometimes.
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I agree. A lot of people don't make the distinction between "use" and "abuse." A colleague of mine is a clinical psychologist who uses MJ as part of his "natural treatment" for depression (including vigorous exercise, meditation, and art therapy). He's doing a lot better than I am on my Lexapro and weekly therapy sessions for the past 4 years... lol.

Whatever works!
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Oh I forgot to mention, I have a friend that is prescribed medical MJ. He told me that there are many different types and strains of medical MJ. Each strain is designed for a specific ailment.

He said there are some strains of medical MJ that do not trigger anxiety. He said each strain is different and a doctor that does this prescribing caters the strain to a specific illness.
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im going to ask my dr for med marijuana ansd im on prozac,xanax and now ritalin(was on adderall) im sick of feeling this way my dr sai i can drink a couple beers a day 3.2 alchol and im on 3 to 4 mg xanax and 40 mg prozac and 20 mg ritalin..for 8 years i drank a 12 pack a day on 4 mgs xanax best yers of my life but to afraid to do it now just having 2 scares me
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