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Is this depression?

I wake up about 3 out of 7 days with a headache and feel sick all day....fatigue, muscle weakness, irritable.  I am taking dextroamphetamine for fatigue and lorazepam to sleep.  I believe I have something physical going on because I have had positive blood test results and a "possible connective tissue" diagnosis, but nothing specific.  Lately I bring up negative things at work and can't say anything positive and I cry very easily (at home) because I don't feel good.  Is this depression?
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It could be .Get yourself to the doc and tell how you feel.Therapy is good too.they go hand in hand when we have depressions but a doc will tell you for sure and rule out any physical reasons for what you are experiencing.
Especially get your thyroid checked.A wonky thyroid will mimic depressionas it affects everything in your body.
Let me know how you are.
love Venora
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Hi. First of all you should speak with your doctor about your taking lorazepam for sleep; benzodiazapemes shouldn't be administered for sleep normally, unless of course you've tried more conventional medications such as Zopiclone et al. Lorazepam, along with the other medications in the benzo class are known to cause depressive symptoms.

It may be an idea for you to take this test: http://www.med.nyu.edu/psych/screens/depres.html

It's based on the BECK test and should give you some idea what the medical perspective is. Though it's important to remember that clicking buttons on the internet isn't going to give you an accurate diagnosis; the best bet is to discuss it with your doctor.

Also, enquire about CBT which can help change negative thinking patterns for depressed people (I myself was VERY cynical about any kind of talking therapy and was massively suprised at just how helpful it can be)

Good luck.
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