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Lexapro Withdrawal

I have been tapering off of Lexapro...I was taking 10mg and have been taking 5mg for almost two weeks.  Has anyone ever mentioned severe anger and thoughts of suicide?  I'm normally a calm layed back person, but since tapering off...I am easily angered.  Moreover, I have never had thoughts of suicide.  I have to admit these come after having a couple of cocktails.  But I only have about two and feel like the world is coming to an end!  I cannot stop crying!  Will this go away?
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yes it will go away eventually!
i came off citalopram just over a week ago although i am now taking prozac.  the withdrawal symptoms of citalopram were terrible, zaps electric shock feelings to head and face, dizziness, and ANGER!!! the anger is subsiding, but i feel its the worse symptom coz its so hard to deal with.  hang in there it will get better.
try some nux vom homeopathic remedy and some Impatiens bach flower remedy to try and help the anger.  i have been having these, also gonna try chamomilla homeopathic for anger.
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Thanks so much for the help and confirmation that I'm not going crazy!
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Its been three weeks since i have switched from celexa that i have been on for 6 years to lexapro.  Throughout the years whenever i would miss two or more doses i would feel hostile.  So i have always been afraid to even get off the medication. I finally switched with some coaxing from a new doctor and i can tell a difference in my energy level. I take lexapro at night since i does make me sleepy. I even notice i have an ambition growing inside of me that i havent had in years.But the one thing that i havent overcome yet is the anger. I have never been meaner. I feel irritated about every little thing and very hostile towards my loving husband and very impatient with my good kids. I am just so ANGRY!!!
So now is the whiteknuckle wait, of when this will pass.
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