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I am taking Lithium 150 m.g.  and Risperdal 50 m.g.  what are the usual disorders these are used for and is Risperdal a common  medicine to put adults on ?
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Lithium is commonly used to treat Bipolar disorder, and Risperidal for general mood or personality disorders. Feel free to ask your psychiatrist more about the medications you are taking, you're entitled to know.
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I recently started having severe anxiety again, and called the psychiatrist to let them know, and he icreased my Lithium to 300 m.g. ( from 150 ) twice a day, it made a difference right away, I noticed my moods are WAY better, I feel happy when I get up in the morning and everything in general seems better, I look at stuff in positive way, I have never done that ever, and anxiety is down low to 0, Also the typo above for the risperdal 50 m.g. I am only taking 1 m.g.
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I have been off lithium for 2 days waiting for a refill and have noticed a huge difference in my moods, mood swings and emotional break downs like crazy..... I don't recommend that for anyone............I'll be glad to get back on it
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I think I am having a down cycle again, I am having a lot of anger and very irritated the last 2 days, the psychiatrist increased my lithium from 150 m.g. to 300 m.g. 3 weeks ago, and I feel like I did before I started the medicine in the first place, I go to see the psychiatrist on Thursday, I think he will increase the meds again, I heard you have to constantly increase the meds to get the right dose, I hope so because I was felling great the last 2 weeks until now
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You don't typically have to constantly increase the medication dosage for the medications to keep working. Generally your doctor will start you off on a low dose, then gradually titrate, or increase, your dose upward until your "perfect" or matched dose is found. Lithium is often prescribed for Bipolar Mood disorder, which by your posting, that diagnosis could fit you. Up and down cycles are common with Bipolar disorder. The goal of medication therapy is to get you on a dose to where your highs aren't so high, and your lows aren't so low, so you generally stay at a medium mood level most of the time. It sounds like you might do better and feel better when you're on 300mg, but that is up to your psychiatrist to decide, but you definitely have a say in things. My suggestion for psychiatrists appointments is to keep a daily mood journal, and have a goal of what you want to come from your appointment. State your wants and needs to your doctor and show him your mood journal. Tell him/her what's working and what's not. Mood journals are always good for therapy/psychiatry appointments. I think this website even has one so you can do something similar. Good luck at your next appointment and I hope your moods stabilize soon!

Sara RN
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I also have bi-polar problems, but I have "bi-polar type II"  which has a milder manic cycle, more like hypo-manic (just a high mood, but not always out of control stuff) and more chronic depression.  I met a guy in the hosptial once that had arranged a multi-million dollar sale when he was manic, but it was based on delusional data.  Sadly, I've met some folks in the hospital that were lucky to survive bad manic episodes, so it's important to keep it treated well.  
My mood also goes up and down fast called "rapid-cycling."   like up and down over a day or few days or maybe weekly.  More than one doctor has suggested a medication called "lamictyl" (wrong spelling) but I  was nervous about a rare serious side-effect (bad rash).  I also tried lithium, but it didn't help.  Risperdal caused me muscle spasms, even at 1mg.  My nurse practitioner said that Lithium dose must be adjusted according to how the patient feels and can range from 150mg to over 400mg or even 600mg or 900 mg.  But the therapeutic range can be close to the maximum dose the body can tolerate without becoming physically ill she said, so it is important to take the dose exactly as prescribed.  She said they try to keep the dose as low as possible that will still help moods be stable.  Lithium is a pretty safe medication compared to others, but you have to keep track of it with blood tests periodically.  She also warned that Lithium must not be taken with "EFFEXOR" due to possible serious side-effects.  I might get brave enough to try Lamictyl one day, but going to see how things go for a while without a mood stabilizer.  Depression is the main problem for me.  
Hope that helps to understand more about bi-polar.  There is lot's to learn about this stuff--
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