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Natural Herbs for Depression / Suicdal Thoughts?

Are there natural herbs that I could find at the health food store that promote mental health and help with depression/suicidal thinking?  Going to a therapist or psychiatrist is not an option for me because it is against my healthy lifestyle (not to mention I've tried that already, including medication & talk therapy...both of which did not work & were a waste of my time).  Just wondering...
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There are no herbs that will make you well.  Why won't you seek out a medical professional? Seeing a Dr. will promote a a healthy lifestyle. There are hundreds of meds out there that can help, so you've not had success with some, sometimes it takes trying a few to get it right.
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Not a chance.  I'm alcohol free, drug free, caffeine free, & nicotine free.  I follow a strict vegan diet & I exercise 6 days a week.  It just seems that all they do is push meds on people when all that does is mask the actual problem.  I do not trust doctors.  Taking meds and/or therapy is not an option.  Thanks anyway.
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  First of all some psychiatrists (including mine) will use some natural remedies (if proven in controlled studies) in addition to medication. But although there are some natural remedies that work on depression they have not found any that can replace standard medication. In Europe natural remedies are prescribed but in the U.S. they are unregulated so you don't know what you are getting. But if anything is being used against depression it must be regulated by a doctor. Regardless you said you said you had suicidal thoughts. That is something you need to speak to someone about. As to what works on depression I would not list it here because if things are of that much concern then its neccessary to speak to a psychiatrist.
  Living a healthy lifestyle is a great idea. But please don't confuse medication with illegal drugs. And not all natural remedies are healthy either. Talk therapy certainly isn't harmful. That doesn't mask the actual problem. Why not approach psychiatry with an open mind? And as for what anti-depressents are out there google "Depression Central". I believe in partnering on recovery. A person works together with their psychiatrist. I've had bad psychiatrists but the psychopharmocologist I see now doesn't control me and of course I take medication but its not given to me for personal problems, just my psychiatric disability. Personal problems are discussed. You had a bad experience. Perhaps that could change.
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I have tried St. John's Wort, SamE, L-Tyrosine, but I have heard that there are better remedies to try- Vitamin B Complex (which has alot of essential vitamins and minerals in it including Folic Acid and Chlorophyll), Vitamin C, Kava Kava, and Barley Grass works wonders.. I have heard it straight from the goat's mouth.. lol.. (speaking of people with also bipolar disorder as well and it's worked for them). Do a search- "natural herbs for depression"

Hope this helps!
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Thanks girl !!!
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You say to have an open mind regarding psychiatry, but they are the ones who closed it for me.  Too many bad experiences with meds, therapy, and psychiatry.  That is why I have to choose alternatives.
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