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No sleep during a period of 4 months?

Currently I am having bad chest pain or heart pain when I turn on my left.  Also, my feel constant pain inside my right lung on my right chest and it is not getting better and it is causing me headache.  I have dry cough.  I been to x-ray two times in the past 3 months and find nothing.  My echo cardiogram also showed nothing.  I suffer insomnia for 3.5 months already due to this.  What is wrong with my chest, lung?

Also, how can I get back to sleep without any medicine?  Thanks!
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You should go have a physical and tell your dr everything. He may put you on something, but if he does, consider everything about it and ask questions about his reasons for a prescription. You could try taking a 5 mg Melatonin which is a natural chemical in the brain that helps induce. It's 100% natural. Take it an hour to hour and a half before you plan to go to bed.
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